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Mastar Supply Chain and Logistics, Inc primary focus is to hire the most professional and skilled CDL driver for the company. All drivers will comply with all DOT qualification laws and regulations while operating equipment on behalf of Mastar Supply Chain and Logistics, Inc including owner operators.

The following Minimum Hiring Requirements will be followed:
  • Applicant must hold valid CDL A license, Enhance License, or Valid US Passport
  • Applicant must have at least three years verifiable experience over the road and  must be current within the last 5 years.
  • Applicant cannot have any major chargeable accidents.
  • Applicant must know the Hours of Service regulations and how to complete logs.
  • Applicant must have the ability and training to safely load and secure cargo
  • Applicant cannot have any impaired/drug or alcohol offenses on their record.
  • Applicant cannot have more than 4 active points on MVR.
  • Applicant must successfully take and pass company road test.
  • Applicant must meet and fall under our Safety Clearance Policy
  • Applicant must be able to read, speak and understand the English language well  enough to communicate with the general public and regulatory authorities, and to  respond to inquiries and to make entries on reports and records;
  • Applicant must pass any pre-employment substance abuse tests.
  • Applicant must be able to pass pre-employment dot physical.
  • Applicant cannot be taking any prescribed medication that would impair their ability  to drive or perform safety sensitive functions.

For information regarding driver compensation please contact mailto:JAMES.DRUMMOND@MASTARTLOGISTICS.COM

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